Triggertrap Mobile combines the convenience of your smartphone with the power of your SLR camera to enable you to trigger your camera remotely in a host of creative ways. Triggertrap Mobile comprises two parts: The Triggertrap Mobile app which is completely free and available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and the Triggertrap Mobile kit.

Triggertrap makes kits that support over 350 cameras. All you have to do is connect the kit between the headphone port on your smartphone, and the cable release port on your camera, and then you can use your smartphone to trigger your camera. How simple is that? 

Triggertrap Mobile is suitable for photographers of all skill levels. Are you interested in landscape photography? Triggertrap is the perfect solution for long exposure. Do you find yourself shooting weddings and events? Triggertrap makes it easy to set up a photo booth. Are you just starting out in photography? Triggertrap is the perfect tool to get you started with techniques that can seem scary, like timelapse or high-speed photography. 

Triggertrap has a wide variety of modes.


  • Set your interval between shots, as well as when you’d like the intervalometer to stop; either by the number of shots or after a set amount of time has passed.

Cable release:

  • Simple Cable Release
    • Tap the big red button to take a picture
  • Quick Release
    • Push and hold the red button, then release button to take a picture
  • Press and Hold¹ 
    • Touch to the red button to start the exposure, release to stop
  • Press and Lock¹
    • Touch to start, touch to stop
  • Timed Release¹
    • Choose your shutter speed
  • Self Timer
    • Photo in 3...2...1...

Timelapse modes:

  • Timelapse
    • Type in your interval (gap between shots) and hit the red button to start.
  • TimeWarp
    • Like timelapse, but with added acceleration.
  • DistanceLapse 
    • Uses the GPS on your phone to trigger your camera based on distance travelled. Neat, huh? 
    • This mode is perfect for road trip timelapses.
  • Star Trail¹
    • Set the number of exposures, exposure time, and the interval. This mode gives extreme exposure control and allows you to create perfect star trail shots every time.
  • Bramping¹
    • Bulb ramping timelapses for everyone! Perfect for nailing the day to night, or night to day timelapse. Set your start and end exposure, number of exposures and interval and the Bramping mode takes care of the hard bit for you.

*¹ - These modes require the camera to be set to bulb. Most cameras supported by Triggertrap Mobile have this function, however a few do not. If you're unsure, please check your camera's user manual.

Sensor modes:

  • Sound Sensor
    • Trigger your camera using sound, perfect for remote selfies or high speed photography.
  • Vibration Sensor¹
    • Use the accelerometer on your iOS device to trigger the camera based on vibration.
  • Peekaboo¹
    • Use face detection to trigger the camera! Set the number of faces that need to be in shot and then your iOS device will trigger your DSLR as soon as it sees enough faces.
  • Motion Sensor¹
    • Use the camera on the iOS device to look out for motion and trigger your DSLR as soon as there is enough movement. 

*¹ - These modes are only available on the iOS version of the Triggertrap Mobile App. They are not available on Android, sorry folks.

Long Exposure HDR MODES:

  • LE HDR¹
    • Long exposure HDR sets. Set your middle exposure, the EV step and the number of exposures and Triggertrap Mobile takes care of the rest.
  • LE HDR Timelapse¹
    • Like LE HDR, but with timelapse. Set the middle exposure, interval and EV step and Triggertrap Mobile will capture brackets of three shots, perfect for timelapse.

*¹ - These modes require the camera to be set to bulb. Most cameras supported by Triggertrap Mobile have this function, however a few do not. If you're unsure, please check your camera's user manual. The minumum shutter speed available on the LE HDR mode is 1/15 as a result of this.


For more videos check out TriggerTraps Vimeo Page.