Denver Pro Photo Lab Prints

Standard Printing Services

$3.00 Minimum Order

Here is where we talk about the printing service.

Size Price
3.5x5 $.49
4x4 $.49
4x6 $.49
5x5 $1.49
5x7 $1.49
6x8 $2.49
8x8 $3.49
Size Price
8x10 $3.99
8x12 $3.99
11x14 $12.99
11x16 $13.99
12x12 $12.99
12x18 $14.99
12x36 $24.99


Set of 8

Uncut Cut
$5.99 $9.99

Large Format Printing

About LFP

Size Standard Price Premium Price
16x20 $33.33 $39.99
16x24 $39.99 $47.99
20x24 $49.99 $59.99
20x30 $62.49 $74.99
24x36 $89.99 $107.99

Square Foot Formula

(Length x Width ÷ 144)x Paper cost




2.222x $15= $33.34

$20.00 minimum order on all Large Format printing.

Round up to the nearset Square Foot

Add UV Protective Coating

$5 per print up to 12x18

$10 per print larger than 12x18

Keep your print safe from UV light, finger prints and dust, which can damage your print.

Add Pair of Lint Free Handling Gloves

$2.99 per pair

why u should use

OverSize Printing

Looking for a size you did not see? Don't worry, we can do that size.