The most compact approach to flash rotation.
The  ultra-compact, "gripless", flash rotating bracket.  It cradles the camera unobtrusively while maintaining an over-the-lens flash position with a design that lets you hold the camera rather than a grip, and rotate the flash for horizontal or vertical composition.  What's more, the stress and weight of the flash unit is transferred from the light-duty camera shoe to the rugged Stroboframe mount.  The Stroboflip is made for shoe-type flash units.


  • Accepts Digital SLR's, 35mm SLR's and smaller 6 x 4.5 cameras.
  • Supplied with a machined, positive-locking shoe mount and a 300-SLR Anti-Twist plate (interchangeable with other AT Plates).
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction with baked-on finish for hard use and durability.

Stroboflip Specifications
Net Weight: 
9 oz. 
Bracket Height: 5.5"
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance: 7.5"
Includes: Shoe Mount,* standard 300-SLR Anti-Twist Plate
Suggested Accessories:  Camera Auto Quick Releases, for tripod mounting
Cat. No. 300-100