11" $10.95    15"12.95    19" $13.95

  • Provides extra protection for all kinds of gear
  • Extra 5" removable pad is included to offer additional protection
  • Self-securing hook and loop closures
  • Made in the USA

Soft Wraps™ provide extra protection for lenses, cameras, binoculars, light meters, small tripods, monopods, tools, outdoor gear and other accessories. They offer an extra 5" square pad within the wrap which can be moved around to provide extra protection where needed. This unique feature is only available from OP/TECH USA. As Soft Wraps™ are available in a choice of several colors, equipment can be easily identified by using different colored Soft Wraps™ for each item. MADE IN USA.

Approximate Sizes

  • 11": 11" Square and 5" Square
  • 15": 15" Square and 5" Square
  • 19": 19" Square and 5" Square