Smith Victor Tether Tray Heavy Duty Laptop Tray



The Smith-Victor Tether Tray allows the photographer to quickly mount and position a laptop, projector, tablet or other product conveniently near the camera. With both the device and camera tethered together, the photographer can easily review and modify photographs just taken. The 16.75”x12” aluminum surface has slots with hook and loop safety straps to ensure that your valuable equipment is held secure during use. *stand/tripod not included with tray.

-Large 16.75″ X 12″ Aluminum Tray
-Heavy Duty Adjustable Pivot Bracket with 5/8″ Receiver
-Safety Straps with Hook and Loop Closure
-Slots in Tray to Ensure the Safety Straps Don’t Slip
-Mouse Tray, Mounts Left or Right Side

Pair the Heavy Duty Laptop Tray with the Smith Victor ArmBar24” For the perfect set up!