The Smith-Victor BellaBox 1000W LED Light Kit is built around two 60W LED lamps that generate the equivalent of 500 watts each. The 5400K daylight-balanced LEDs ensure accurate color rendering with a CRI rating of 92. Each lamp has a long life expectancy of 20,000 hours, making the kit virtually maintenance-free. The two 20”x20” soft boxes have a highly reflective interior that spreads an even amount of light. The front panel diffuser softens and provides a beautiful flattering light perfect for portrait photography and video. The BellaBox has an easy push open feature making it one of the quickest soft boxes to set-up for all of life’s impromptu moments. It all goes anywhere in it’s convenient, lightweight padded case.

Featuring the equivalent of 1000 watts of incandescent light,these powerful lights are very efficient, yet cool burning keeping both the subject and photographer comfortable but providing the lighting power needed to get the shot.

Great for either photos or videos, these CRI 92 Daylight balanced lights have a high color rendering which will provide color accuracy and good skin tones. The LED lamps have a standard E-26 base. The soft boxes are easy to open or close as they work like an umbrella. And the octagon shape provides a pleasing catch light in the eyes of portrait subjects.


  •  High Efficiency 92 CRI LED Lamps
  • 60 Watt LED Produces 500 Watts of Light
  • 5400K Soft White Color interior design and inner baffle system evens out and softens harsh flash
  • Saves 85% Energy
  • Easy Push Open OctaB ella Softbox