PHOTTIX RAJA Quick-Folding Softbox 32x47"



Featuring durable construction with heat-resistant fabric, this 32x47" Raja Parabolic Soft-box from Phottix is designed for quick assembly and tear down. It opens like an umbrella with a centralized metal joint, so that you don't have to attach or remove any of the individual rods and can start shooting in seconds. The soft-box comes with a standard Bowens S-mount speed ring that works with a variety of lights, but you can also equip it with optional Elinchrom and Profoto mounts to expand the list of compatible gear.


  • 32x47” softbox with reflective silver interior

  • Removable inner baffle and front diffuser allow you to soften your light while lowering exposure by 1.5 stops

  • Fabric grid included to tighten beam angle and help control unwanted light

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Uses Phottix’s Heat resistant SL Tech material

  • Easy to assemble,

  • Swappable speed rings for popular lighting brands

  • Travel Bag included

  • Bowens S-Mount Speed Ring

The Phottix Raja series opens like an umbrella and is ready to use in seconds (yes, seconds). No anxiety. No frustration. No “questionable” language. Pop it open, add the ba­ffle, diffuser and grid – mount on your studio light. Simple. Before you can say “Denver Pro Photo” you’re ready to shoot.

The Raja softbox has a reflective silver interior and offers two removable fabric layers, an inner baffle, and a front diffuser. Using both parts will soften your light considerably and reduce your output by 1.5 stops, while removing one diffuser can help increase contrast or make shadows harsher. Also included is a fabric grid that mounts to the front of the softbox, which can help tighten your beam angle and control unwanted light on your background. Finally, a carrying case is provided so you can easily fit and transport your modifier. 

Use with Phottix Cerberus MultiMount for flashes

The Phottix Raja Quick-Folding Softboxes come with a Phottix-compatible S-Mount (Bowens). Swappable mounts for Elinchrom and Profoto are available (sold separately)

What’s Included:

  • Softbox with Phottix-compatible S Mount

  • Inner Baffle

  • Outer Diffuser

  • Fabric Grid

  • Carrying Bag