The DSK is designed as a travel-sized accessory pack which contains everything you need to clean your lenses, filters and camera sensor while in the field.

The heavy duty nylon pouch slips right in your camera bag or can conveniently be looped through your belt.

Kits come in all Sensor Swab Ultra sizes 2 or 3.

The Kit includes:
– 4 – Type 2 OR 3 Sensor Swab ULTRA (sensor cleaning)
– 10 – PECPADs (filter or lens cleaning)
– 1 – e-wipe packet (filter or lens cleaning)
– 0.5 fl. oz. of Optic Cleaning Fluid ( filter, lens, sensor cleaning)
– Jet black nylon zippered travel pouch

Ask your dealer so that you get the correct fluid for your needs.

While Eclipse is safe with proper cleaning technique, it can remove the coating with prolonged cleaning and aggressive pressure. This is due to the pure concentration of methanol in Eclipse.