The Matrix MCD400R 400Ws Monolight kit offers core and convenience features for the advanced amateur and aspiring professional. Included in the kit is the MCD-TXC Wireless Controller to remotely control the Matrix flash power and modeling lamp intensity. This kit now features a Photoflex LiteDome Medium softbox for even natural light. The removable internal diffusion baffle eliminates highlights and hot spots. The diffusion face can be easily removed, allowing you to go from soft and diffused lighting to high-contrast lighting without changing your set up. Also included is the patented Eclipse umbrella. The entire kit is packed in a convenient, wheeled carrying case, the Matrix two-light kit is great for in the studio, or combined with the Photogenic ION (optional), ideal for on-location shooting.

  • (2) MCD400R Digital Monolight. Each of these lights comes complete with

  • 7 inch high-gain reflector

  • Flashtube

  • 150-Watt modeling lamp

  • Flash tube protector

  • 12-foot power cord

  • 12-foot sync cord

  • Operator's manual

  • (1) MCD-TXC Wireless Controller

  • (1) 24.5" x 32" x 17" Photoflex LiteDome Medium softbox with mounting ring

  • (1) Eclipse EC45BC 45-inch White Umbrella

  • (2) Heavy Duty 8-foot Light Stands

  • (1) AK3419W Wheeled Soft Case


  • Consistent color temperature

  •  Flash power control range of 6  f-stops from 1/32 power to full power

  • Precise flash power adjustment in 1/10 f-stop increments

  • Preflash sync capable

  • User replaceable UV-corrected flashtube

  • Fan cooled, high impact housing

  • Integrated wireless radio receiver and MRT-16 2.4 GHz Wireless Transmitter

  • Optical slave with on/off control

  • Easy to read digital control panel

  • Overheat/overcharge protection

  • Audible on/off flash indicator

  • Digital flash and modeling lamp power display

  • Lamp Saving Technology extends modeling lamp life

  • Convenient ratchet-handle tilt adjustment


  • Flash Power: 12 to 400 watt-seconds

  • Guide Number (ISO100@10ft.): 10', ISO 100: with reflector - 160; without reflector - 80

  • Flash Duration: 1/250th - 1/600th

  • Recycle Time: 1.7 sec. at full power; 0.4 sec. at 1/32 power

  • Power Control: Range: Full to 1/32 power (6 f-stops); 0.1 f-stop resolution

  • Modeling Light Power: 150 watt quartz

  • Modeling Light Control: Range: Full to 1/32 power (6 f-stops); 0.1 f-stop resolution

  • Triggering: 2.4HGz Radio; Sync jack (4.5 volts); Push-to-test button; Built-in photo slave

  • Sync Voltage: 4.5V Low Voltage

  • Main Supply: 100-130V/50-60Hz

  • Integrated Radio Receiver 2.4GHz

  • Fuse: 6.3A, 250V

  • Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.

  • Dimensions (housing only): 9.75" x 4.5" x 4.0"

  • Flash Tube: User replaceable.  UV-corrected