When you need to travel light and fast, the Compact LiteStand is indispensable. With reverse leg folding technology, this LiteStand will fit in a backpack or small carry. The LiteStand adds creative functionality to your line of soft boxes, umbrellas and reflectors in your on-location kit. 

  • All metal construction
  • Incredibly sturdy oversized tubing
  • Ultra-compact / light weight design
  • Perfect for location / Strobist applications
  • Fits the Photoflex TransPac Gig Bag
  • Much larger tubing than comparable stands in its category
  • Collapsed Length: 21”/ 53cm
  • Extended Length: 6.5 Ft. / 199.3cm
  • Max direct Load: 9lbs
  • Max Tubing size: 1.16” / 29.5mm
  • WEIGHT: 2.4 Lbs / 1.08kg