• Camera Protection System
  • Exo-tough construction protecting from impact
  • External padded laptop compartment
  • Easy access to the camera from the top opening
  • High performance materials

The Backpack 30 is a professional backpack designed for a Pro DSLR + battery grip + 70-200 F/2.8 lens attached, additional camera body, 3 extra lenses, flash, tablet, laptop and accessories. 


  • Camera Protection System: Manfrotto's CPS – Camera Protection System has been specifically engineered and laboratory tested to garantee the highest level of protection and shock resistance where it really counts.
  • Interchangeable Dividers: Both modular and easy to use, these dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around your gear by creating the exact size compartment for you need.
  • Water Repellant: A specially applied coating to the fabric makes it resistant to moisture.
  • External Tripod Connections: This bag comes with the option and proper connections to attach your tripod externally.
  • Tablet Compartment: Dedicated compartment for tablet
  • Rain Protector: Included fold-out protector which, when installed, creates a barrier between the wet outside and dry inside of your bag.
  • Laptop Compatible: Protect your laptop during transport in this compartment. (See bag for exact sizes)
  • Cabin Luggage: This bag fits the standard to be used as carry-on luggage. (Due to ever changing restrictions, check with your carrier prior to departure)
  • Trolley Connection: For easy wheel along transportation simply slide the designated strap connector over any standard trolley or luggage handle.
  • Exo-Tough Construction: Manfrotto's Exo-Tough Construction offers rigid multi-layer surface construction that diffuses sharp impact shock .
  • Flexi Dividers: These custom designed dividers have the option to fold out of the way when needed or to be pulled out to protect your equipment in special situations.


  • Weight:67.01 oz
  • Types of Gear: Medium level DSLR, Professional DSLR
  • Number of Lenses: 6
  • Tripod Connection: Yes
  • Storage for personal items: No
  • Material: Synthetic Fabric
  • External Height: 16.93"
  • External Length: 12.2 "
  • External Width: 10.24 "
  • Internal main compartment height(H): 15.16"
  • Internal main compartment length(L): 9.45"
  • Internal main compartment width(W): 6.3"
  • Laptop Compartment Height: 14.96"
  • Laptop Compartment Length: 9.45"
  • Laptop Compartment Width: .79"