The FX is a colored gel system that includes an assortment of five theatrical colored gels: blue, green, red, yellow and amber. The FX filter holder holds these gels or any of your own. It is designed to fit most flash models and enables the photographer to quickly and conveniently colorize the light for a variety of special effect applications. The system folds flat and comes with a convenient storage pouch.        

Application: Colorize the light for a variety of special effects.

Compatibility: Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes.  If in doubt, email us.

Attachment: Self-adhesive Velcro® is included with all LumiQuest products however, if you'd prefer not to use that you may purchase the optional UltraStrap.

Light Loss: 1 stop.

Dimensions: 3 3/8" x 4 3/4".