Lomography color film is the perfect choice for toy cameras, students, testing cameras and photographers on a budget. Lomography brings all the fun and joy of analog film at a great price. 120 Film is your ticket to the wonderful world of medium format photography. 

100 ISO


Heading out in the sun with your medium-format camera? Don’t forget to load it up with Lomography Color Negative 100 120 Film for images dripping with vivid colors, smooth grain and fine resolution. Whether paired with a flash or used under bright sunlight, rest assured you'll get breathtaking results! C-41 process, three rolls per box.

400 ISO


Lomography Color Negative 400 120 film will dazzle you with bold colors and stunning sharpness. Whether you are shooting under sunny or cloudy conditions, you’ll get great results. Try this film with your favorite Lomography 120 camera and see for yourself! C-41 process, three rolls per box.