The new DG5024 case is built with the same construction as our Power Kits.They have an internal, super lightweight structure of GE Lexan. They are then covered with shock absorbent closed cell foam with padded hook and loop compatible tricot. This is all encapsulated in our
standard shell of puncture and abrasion resistant ballistics fabric.
The end result is a case with superior shock absorption, enough rigidity to bear a sizeable load of weight and a wall of Lexan to ward off the puncture demons. The DG5023 comes with two dividers to secure the monitor from side to side and a second set of folding dividers to stabilize the monitor from front to back. Also included is a pillow divider (not shown) to fill the extra space created around Eizo Monitors with the round foot. Fits Apple 20", 23"Cinema Displays and Eizo CG19, CG21, CE21W, CE24W, CG210, CG211, CG220, CG221, CE240W, S2110W and S2410W Display Monitors.