doesn't need the protection of Lightware standard cases and generally either carries equipment on board the airplane or just travels "around town". Unique design allows you to unzip the case to lie completely flat so that you can use it as a clean work surface or as a pad to kneel on.
Compact enough so that when not in use it will hang up in a closet or fold up small enough to stack on a shelf.
It fits a Speedotron 1201A, 2401A or 4801A power supply. Can also fit a 2403B with additional 9 x 9 foam inserts. Can also be used for a Broncolor Pulso 2 or 4 power supply.Pack a bunch of Lowell Tota Lights...four White Lightning Ultras or two Bowen Monolights. Not intended to be checked as baggage with delicate equipment.

  • Inside 
    •  L: 15" / 37.5cm
    •  W: 9" / 22.5cm
    •  H: 14.5" / 36.25cm
  • Outside
    •  L: 16" / 40cm
    •  W: 10" / 25cm
    •  H: 15.5" / 38.75cm
  • Weight
    •  3lb / 1.12kilo
  • Features 
    • Duralight Construction
    • Zips Flat for Storage
    • Gray Interior