Both Messenger Bags come with a removable padded gray camera insert that can handle a digital body, an 80/200 2.8 lens , a 28-70 2.8 lens and a 17-35 2.8 lens all with hoods as well as a flash. These inserts have a unique bi-fold flap closure, movable flex dividers and can be carried separately with an optional shoulder strap.This messenger is designed for use with the camera insert. If you need the computer, the MB 1758 is you solution.
Both Messengers have a multitude of pockets to stash everything from a pocket drive to a magazine and a back handle guide to slide over a rolling case handle. Available in Red, Green, Tan or Black Ballistics fabric.

  • Inside
    • L: 16in / 40cm
    •  W: 5in / 12.5cm
    •  H: 11.5in / 28.75cm
  • Outside
    •  L: 17in / 42.5cm
    •  W: 5.5in / 13.75cm
    •  H: 12.5in / 31.25cm
  • Weight
    •  4lb / 1.49kilo
  • Features 
    • Camera Removable Insert
    • Two Flap Pockets
    • Two Side Pockets