The T4444 comes with three dividers so you can adjust to fit all the strobes and heads you can possibly carry.The T4444 works for 4 larger flash heads such as Elinchroms, Speedotrons or Broncolors, or works for several small heads like 6 Comet CX series heads plus accessories and packs or you can still stuff in 9 ol' Norman flash heads with cables. Even a Hasselblad projector and accessories will fit.
A variety of the Calumet Travelite systems, or 4-5 White Lightnings, two Dyna-lite M2000x packs and 4 heads plus accessories. Whew! If you are using the new monoblocs you can spend some time configuring a complete location kit with stands, boxes and or umbrellas and even a small background.

  • Inside 
    •  L: 28" / 70cm
    •  W: 8.5" / 21.25cm
    •  H: 15" / 37.5cm
  • Outside
    •  L: 31" / 77.5cm
    •  W: 11" / 27.5cm
    •  H: 18" / 45cm
  • Weight
    •  11.25lb / 4.2kilo
  • Features 
    • Airline Checkable
    • Three Moveable dividers
    • Shoulder Strap Attachment