ILFORD ILFOTEC DD-X is an excellent fine grain developer which gives full film speed. Correctly exposed negatives developed in ILFOTEC DD-X have a full range of tones, with depth in the shadows, a smooth transition through the mid-tones and bright detailed highlights. It is designed to complement the features of all ILFORD films, especially the range of ILFORD DELTA PROFESSIONAL films. 

  • Liquid concentrate film developer
  • Fine grain developer giving full film speed
  • Full range of tones


ILFORD ILFOSOL 3 black and white film developer is an enhanced formulation of the one-shot, general-purpose, liquid black and white film developer - ILFOSOL S. ILFOSOL 3 developer is particularly suited for use with medium and slow speed films such as PAN F PLUS, FP4 PLUS and DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL where it ensures a fine grain and optimal sharpness at full film speed. It is supplied as a concentrate in economical 500ml bottles and is diluted (typically at a ratio of 1:9) for one-shot use. However, for greater economy, ILFOSOL 3 can also be used with many films at a higher dilution of 1:14 with only a small trade off in image quality.

  • Liquid concentrate film developer
  • Fine grain and optimal sharpness
  • Particularly suited to medium speed films such as FP4 PLUS and DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL


KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black-and-white films, some graphic-arts films, and some glass plates. It can be used for replenished and non-replenished systems. Use KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer Replenisher to replenish. 

  • Extremely versatile
  • For normal or push processing
  • Liquid
  • Dilutions vary, see date sheet, Dilution B 1:31 is most common
  • 1L will make 32L (8.45 gallons) of working solution (Dilution B)


KODAK PROFESSIONAL D-76 Developer provides full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail with normal contrast, and produces fine grain with a variety of continuous-tone black-and-white films. For greater sharpness, but with a slight increase in graininess, you can use a 1:1 dilution of this developer. It yields a long density range, and its development latitude allows push processing with relatively low fog

  • Yields full emulsion speed and good shadow detail with normal contrast
  • Moderately fine grain, excellent development latitude
  • Replenish with LegacyPro L76-R replenisher
  • For normal or push processing
  • Powder
  • 1 packet makes 1 gallon working solution or dilute 1:1


Kodak T-MAX Developer is a moderately active, liquid black & white film developer that offers enhanced shadow detail in normally processed and push-processed films. You can use T-MAX Developer to process roll sizes of Kodak T-MAX Films and most other black & white continuous-tone films. Do not use this developer to process sheet film.
T-MAX Developer is available as a one-part concentrate to make one gallon of working solution. You can easily mix smaller volumes by mixing one part of the concentrate with four parts water. Designed for non-replenished systems.

  • Produces enhanced shadow detail
  • For use with roll films only
  • For normal or push processing
  • Liquid
  • Dilute 1:4
  • Makes 5 liters working solution


KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX Developer is a moderately active, liquid black-and-white film developer that offers enhanced shadow detail in normally processed and push-processed films. The same description applies to KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher except that it is a black-and-white film developer and replenisher. Like T-MAX Developer, T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher produces higher image quality (enhanced shadow detail) than current push-processing developers when you process film normally or push it one, two, or three stops.

  • Makes 1 gallon working solution
  • Produces enhanced shadow detail
  • For normal or push processing of roll and sheet films
  • Can also be used to replenish working-strength developer




Acufine Developer is not a push-processing developer, but a unique developer which increases the standard film speed rating of most films. An outstanding formula featuring very high acutance, ultra-fine grain, and great effective film speeds.

  • Shoot TRI-X at 1600 ASA,or PLUS-X at 320 with no increase in grain.
  • Usable with all film types within a temperature range of 70° to 85° F. Available in powder form only. Great for low-light, available light shooting. Gives you an extra "punch" to your negatives.




This developer is a paraminophenol based developer and just like with Rodinal, it is known for being a high accutance, fine grain developer with a long shelf life.  This is a one shot developer and can not be reused.

  • High accutance, fine grain film developer
  • 1:25 or 1:50 dilution
  • Long shelf life





ILFORD RAPID FIXER is a non-hardening rapid fixer supplied as a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water for use. It is easy and convenient to use in the temperature range of 18-40ºC (66-104ºF) for fixing black and white film and paper in all manual and machine processing applications. The fixing agent in ILFORD RAPID FIXER is ammonium thiosulphate, it contains no sodium thiosulphate (hypo).




Kodak fixer is a general-purpose hardening fixer for use with film and paper.

  • Mixes to working strength
  • Powder



Kodak Kodafix is a general purpose, single-solution hardening fixer for films and papers.

  • Long life, high capacity
  • Dilute 1:3 for use with film, 1:7 parts water for use with paper
  • Liquid
  • To make 1 gallon for film and to make 2 gallons for paper








ILFORD ILFOSTOP is a low odour citric acid stop bath. After development we recommend that films and papers are rinsed in an acid stop bath to stop development immediately and neutralize the developer to help maintain the activity of the fixer bath. It is specifically recommended for dish/tray processing of paper or deep tank processing of film. ILFOSTOP helps to maintain the activity and prolong the life of the fixer solution by reducing carry over of excess developer (alkaline) into the fixer bath (acidic).

  • Low odour citric acid stop bath
  • Dish/tray or deep tank film processing
  • Prolongs life of fixers


Kodak Indicator Stop Bath is a general purpose stop bath. Concentrated liquid stop bath that turns purplish blue to signal exhaustion. Dilute one part concentrate with 64 parts water.

  • Non-hardening stop bath
  • Contains an indicator to signal exhaustion
  • Dilute 1:63
  • Liquid



ILFORD WASHAID is a hypo-eliminator formulated to aid the efficient removal of the thiosulphate by-products of fixation by ion exchange. It is particularly useful in speeding up the washing of fibre based papers and is designed to be used with the ILFORD optimum permanence sequences. It can be used to aid the rapid washing of all ILFORD films and fibre papers saving both time and water. It is particularly useful if a hardening fixer has been used.

  • Liquid concentrate
  • Aids washing of film & FB papers
  • Saves time & water




Kodak Hypo Clearing promotes removal of fixer from films and fiber-base papers to shorten wash times and make washing at lower wash-water temperatures practical.

  • Powder
  • Dilute stock solution 1:4




This hypo clearing agent eliminates hypo so effectively that rinse water volume can be reduced as much as 90%! At the same time, Perma Wash ensures archival permanence in films and papers.