The new DLC V7 DSLR Video Rig is designed to help relieve some of the weight problems encountered by the photographer when they put all of their gear on the rig: DSLR, LED light, microphone, monitor, and follow focus unit. The weight can get to be upwards of 10 lbs. The overhead grip on the 180° bent 15mm rod makes it a lot easier for the photographer to carry when they are not shooting. Additionally, this grip gives another position of stability when taking standard shots and provides a grip for low angle shots. Featuring standard 15mm rods, it is easy for the photographer to set up their gear on the rig. In fact, the rig is ready to accept a follow focus unit on the 5 inch long 15mm rods forward of the camera mount.  Additionally, there is a quick release plate for the camera. The shoulder support is flexible allowing it to adjust to the photographer’s shoulder for extra comfort.