Cam Caddie Scorpion


The Scorpion is The Original Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle and Support Rig. The Scorpion provides a stable and solid platform to comfortably hold and maneuver the camera. The patented design displaces the weight of your gear enabling a stable support rig that dampens movement while shooting. The system can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or jib arm. It is ideal for capturing all types of events, such as: action sports corporate events, weddings, walkthroughs and much more. Attach an endless variety of accessories to the Scorpion ensuring you have what you need for your next shoot.


Fits Virtually Any Camera

The Scorpion is an extremely versatile Handheld Camera Stabilizer & Accessory Support Rig. This universal design will work with virtually any camera, whether it’s a: DSLR, Video Camera, or Point & Shoot. You can even use it with a Smartphone, iPhone, or the GoPro Hero.
Go Pro Mount Included.


Drastically Improves Stability & Versatility

Digital cameras have become so small they are now difficult to hold and maneuver. The Scorpion solves this major problem by providing an ergonomically designed platform that allows you to comfortably hold and maneuver the camera. Whether it’s used as a DLSR Cage, Handheld Stabilizer, or Handheld Jib Arm, the Scorpion is the most versatile Camera Stabilizer and Support Rig available for today’s modern camera.


Multiple Mounting Options

The Scorpion can be configured into countless different configurations. The versatile platform is extremely flexible allowing you to customize your rig based on what you need to get your shot. From Flyer Mode to Cage Mode and every different configuration in-between.


Use The Weight Of Your Camera To Stabilize Your Shot

The Patented design displaces the weight of your gear by separating your hand from directly holding the camera body. When holding the Scorpion and not the camera, motion and movement is naturally dampened. The Scorpion can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or Jib arm.


Expandable Platform With Accessories.

With our wide variety of accessories you can attach: Flashes, LED Lights, Microphones, Monitors, Lavaliere Receivers, XLR Input Boxes, and more.


Custom Formulated Polymer Grip

The Scorpion Utilizes a Specially Formulated Polymer Grip that virtually sticks to your hand. This tacky feel allows the camera operator to confidently float the Scorpion Rig on their fingertips reducing camera shake and vibration.