Built for HDSLR cameras with rigs and long lenses or the latest video cameras, the S7 kits support up to 15.4 lb. Equipped with a 60mm flat base with a 3/8in thread, the S7 becomes a versatile creative tool allowing you to mount the head separately on sliders, jibs, or monopods. Other features include: pan & tilt lock, pan & tilt drag, 4-step counterbalance, illuminated bubble level and two 3/8in accessory mounts for attaching monitor arms or audio recorders directly to the head. This allows you to attach accessories without needing a cage or rig to do so. Tilt range for the S7 is +90°/-50°

  • MAXIMUM LOAD: 15.4 lbs (7 kg)

  • MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 47.3 in (120 cm)

  • TILT RANGE: +90°/-50°

  • COLOR: Black

  • QUICK RELEASE (QR) PLATE: Slide-In Video (QR6)

  • WEIGHT: 3.15 lbs (1.43 kg)