The 808RC4 streamlines our range of 3-way heads by incorporating new elements while maintaining all the features you loved. There are two balance springs in the vertical tilt (forward/backward) and horizontal tilt (left/right) movements. These springs enable you to more comfortably handle heavier camera loads (such as very long lenses) with minimal effort. Both springs can be turned off in case normal head operation is required. The head is comprised of aluminium and designed in a manner to support up to 17.54LBS yet lightweight and small enough to pack in any camera kit. The standard quick release system is used to accommodate larger camera platforms which incorporates dual axis bubble levels to achieve level shots.

  • Indepent control on all 3 axes to reach great framing precision
  • Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in the hands
  • Unique spring feature compensate for heavier, off-center loads
  • Maximum portability thanks to its Adapto body
  • Quick release for easy and completely safe set up